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​Experienced project manager.
Owner and operator of 360 Pro Scan.

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“Wouldn’t it be great to have a technology with all the capabilities of Google Streetview for construction sites?”

As a construction project manager, I asked myself this question constantly.

Having overseen countless construction projects throughout my career, I was always looking for ways to save time and streamline the building process.

I realized that costly and time-consuming site visits got in the way of making faster and more informed decisions.

The solution to these problems was obvious — we needed a tool that would allow everyone on our team to see any part of the site whenever they needed to see it.

✔️ The images needed to be clear.

​✔️ The rendering needed to be accurate.

​✔️ And the technology needed to be simple.

You can’t imagine my excitement when I discovered a technology that could do all this and more.

With Matterport, we can make a 3D rendering of any space. Commonly used in the real estate industry, the technology allows anyone to do a virtual walkthrough of a location.

When I saw how clear and accurate these renderings were, I knew it was exactly what the construction industry needed to run faster, smoother, and more informed decisions.

That’s why I established
360 Pro Scan

360 Pro Scan creates accurate 3-dimensional
digital twins of your construction site.


❌ Wasting time trying to coordinate onsite visits.

❌ Letting physical barriers impede your view of key areas.

❌ Making costly oversights and mistakes.

❌ Relying on guesswork and flimsy estimations


​✅ Giving all key stakeholder visual access to the site at their convenience.

​✅ Seeing every nook and cranny on your site clearly and easily.

​✅ Making informed decisions and finding more cost-effect solutions.

​✅ Using precise visual renderings of your site to improve your efficiency throughout a project

Wouldn’t it be nice to make your projects just a little bit easier?

​It’s amazing what 3D renderings can do for your project. A clear picture that everyone can see makes it easier to make clear choices for the building process.

Our services also let you document the build or capture remarkable before-and-after imaging, so you can showcase your work in the most innovative way.

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